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We present on this page what we believe to be the historic route of US 77 between Edmond and Moore. Since this portion of the old route travels through the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, the majority of the route has been significantly built up over time, obliterating most of the evidence of "old highway" status. Thus, much like the old routings of the highways in Tulsa, the focus becomes more about the knowledge of where the old route was, for completeness or just curiosity. We are confident that this is the correct routing of US 77 for the time period we concern ourselves with at this website; US 77 and US 66 traveled together to the state capitol, then parted ways to continue south and west respectively. Checking satellite maps, it appears that the segment between the Broadway Extension and I-44 may yet remain undeveloped enough to retain some "old route" character, but from there to Moore, it appears to have been completely built up. Please enjoy these maps secure in the knowledge that we can confidently travel the entire classic route of US 77 from Kansas to Texas if we so choose. Thanks for reading.

For information on the north half of US 77 in Oklahoma, click here.

For information on the south half of US 77 in Oklahoma, click here.

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