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Route Description from 1925 State Highway Map:
Beginning at Lawton, via Duncan, Alma, Healdton, Wilson, Lone Grove, and Ardmore, to a connection with State Highways No. 4 and 5.

The original Oklahoma Route 29 was a connector highway between Lawton and Ardmore, or a southern connector between Route 7, Route 2 and Route 4. Below is an approximation of original Route 29 using modern highways.

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A modern Route 29 would leave Lawton following modern State Highway 7 east toward Duncan. Both state routes would join with and follow US Route 81 into Duncan before splitting from the federal highway again to continue east.

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At Ratliff City, Route 29 would leave SH 7 and instead join with SH 76 for the journey south through Healdton. The state routes would again join a US Route, in this case US 70, for the final portion of the trip into Ardmore. A modern Route 29 would reach its terminus at the junction of US 77 and US 70 in Ardmore. For information on the historic path of Route 29, please see the SH 29 Lawton to Ardmore detail page.

This connector route has remained a state highway since 1925; after several short-lived iterations, the portion of the route between Lawton and Ratliff City was renumbered to SH 7 in 1942. The portion between Ratliff City and Ardmore, on the other hand, was renumbered once, to SH 76, in 1932 and has remained that designation ever since. While there is no longer a single number for this route, it is an example of what became the standard application for state highways after the coming of the US highway system. Routes such as this one directly serve smaller communities while also allowing shortcuts between larger population centers without using the mainline highways; this may have been the next-to-last highway designated in the original system, but it performs its purpose admirably to this day. Thanks for reading.

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