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Route Description from 1925 State Highway Map:
Beginning at Okmulgee, via Morris, and Boynton, to Muskogee.

Route 27 in the 1925 Oklahoma State Highway system was a short connector route between Okmulgee and Muskogee. It could also be described as a connector between original Route 12 and Routes 1 and 6. The following is an approximation of the path of Route 27 using modern highways.

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A modern version of original Route 27 would begin in Okmulgee and follow concurrent with US 62 east through Morris. Modern SH 72 would join the concurrence as the highways turn north toward Boynton, then leave again at the turn east toward Muskogee. At that point, US 64 and SH 16 join US 62 and Route 27 for the final run to Muskogee, where Route 27 would reach its eastern terminus.

Route 27 was one of the shortest of the original state highways, but it was nonetheless taken over by a US Route and removed from the map just as many of its larger brethren were. By 1929, Route 27 had actually grown substantially from its original size, stretching to the Arkansas border in one direction and Okemah in the other, but the coming of US 62 in 1931 usurped the entire original path of Route 27 and its eastern expansion, leaving only the newer portion west toward Okemah. This remnant was eventually renumbered as part of SH 56, removing all traces of the original route number's influence from the highway map, but the original path remains a major travel corridor. We hope you enjoyed this look at the original connector between the Muscogee (Creek) tribal capital and the city of Muskogee.

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