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Route Description from 1925 State Highway Map:
Beginning south of Three Sands in Kay County, via Tonkawa, Blackwell, and Braman, to the Kansas state line.

In the original Oklahoma numbered highway scheme, Route 26 was a short connector highway that served as a shortcut for travelers who wished to avoid Ponca City and Arkansas City on their way to or from Wichita. Below is the path of Route 26 represented using modern highways; except for some minor realignment near I-35, the path shown below is nearly identical to the historic alignment of Route 26.

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If original State Route 26 existed today, it would begin at Three Sands Junction west of Marland, where modern State Highway 156 junctions US Highway 77. Route 26 would travel north on US 77 to Tonkawa, where it would take the business loop through town, then follow US 177 north toward Kansas. After passing through Blackwell and Braman, Route 26 would reach its northern terminus at the Kansas state line.

As previously mentioned, the modern path shown above is virtually identical to the first paved alignment of Route 26, which was fully paved by 1929. Initially, the southern terminus of Route 26 (Three Sands Junction) was at the point where Route 4 turned east toward Marland and Ponca City; if one wished to travel directly to Wichita, you would simply continue north onto Route 26. In 1927, the entirety of Route 26 was overlaid by US 177, which began at Three Sands Junction and traveled north to South Haven, KS. US 177, though a very short US Route, was (correctly) the number given precedence, and thus original OK 26 ceased to exist in 1930, when the state numbering system was revamped. Subsequent renumberings have muddled this route into two numbers, but the road still serves as a shortcut if one wishes to travel directly to Wichita without using the interstate. We hope you enjoyed this look at one of the smaller but clearly useful original state highways.

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