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Route Description from 1925 State Highway Map:
Beginning at the Missouri state line, via Grove, Vinita, Nowata, Bartlesville, Pawhuska, Wynona, Hominy, Cleveland, Pawnee, Morrison, and to a junction with State Highway No. 1 in Noble County, twelve miles east of Perry.

Route 25 in the original Oklahoma state highway system was an infill route which traversed the northeastern corner of the state, linking together six of the twelve major crossing routes (Routes 10, 7, 6, 12, 11, and 1) as well as providing direct routes between various small and large communities. The following is a rough approximation of the path of original Route 25 using modern highways.

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If the original Route 25 existed today, it would begin at the Missouri state line on modern SH 25. This short segment of road has been the actual alignment of State Route 25 since the beginning of the highway system, a rare occurrence in Oklahoma. The original numbering ends after only a few miles when modern SH 25 ends, and a theoretical original Route 25 would continue west duplexed with modern SH 10. In Grove, Route 25 would leave SH 10 behind and follow US 59 northwest toward Afton. The historic Route 25 actually headed almost due west out of Grove, but the creation of Grand Lake in the late 1930s inundated that portion of highway, which had become US 59 by that time. Just east of Afton, a modern Route 25 would leave US 59 and instead join US 60 and US 69 (and old US 66) to travel toward Vinita. West of Vinita, first US 69 and then old US 66 split off to the south, leaving Route 25 concurrent only with US 60 for the journey toward Nowata.

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Route 25 would remain concurrent with US 60 as it travels west toward Bartlesville and then into Osage County. Just north of Pawhuska, modern SH 99 joins US 60 and Route 25 for the run into town, where US 60 splits off to the west. Route 25 would follow SH 99 south from Pawhuska through Hominy and into Cleveland to junction with US 64.

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In Cleveland, Route 25 would follow along with SH 99, merging with US 64 and traveling west out of town. While SH 99 turns to the south after a few miles, Route 25 would continue concurrent with US 64 bound for points further west. The two highways pass through Pawnee and Morrison before Route 25 reaches its western terminus at Bill's Corner north of Stillwater, where original Route 1 made a 90 degree turn to the west in the 1920s. For information on the historic routings in this area, please see the forthcoming US 64 Tulsa to Pawnee and US 64 Pawnee to Enid pages.

While Route 25 began life as a reasonably sized tertiary state highway, within 5 years its mileage had begun to be eroded by US highway takeovers, and by 1932 it had been truncated back to just south of Afton. Though some segments of the service path remain as state highways today, the vast majority is now served by US routes, providing yet another example of the foresight of the 1925 State Highway Commission. Though it is unfortunate that the original numbering system did not survive, it is once again worth noting that the commission knew quite well where the major travel corridors lay in the state, which eventually led to the takeovers by US routes. We hope you enjoyed this look at another of Oklahoma's original highway routes.

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