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Route Description from 1925 State Highway Map:
Beginning at Durant in Bryan county at a connection with State Highways No. 5 and 6, via Milburn, Tishomingo, Ravia, Mill Creek, Sulphur, and Davis, to a connection with State Highway No. 4.

The original State Route 22 was a somewhat diagonal shortcut highway between Durant and Route 4 at Davis. The road allowed traffic between Durant and Oklahoma City to avoid Ardmore and connected several smaller communities to the larger highway system. Below is an approximation of Route 22 using modern highways.

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A theoretical modern version of Route 22 would begin in Durant at the junction of US 70 and US 69 Business, which are roughly the modern equivalents of Route 5 and 6 respectively. From there, Route 22 would follow the US 69/75 business loop north before heading away from the federal routes along with modern SH 78. Route 22 would remain concurrent with SH 78 through Milburn, with the modern SH 22 joining its original path just before reaching Tishomingo. SH 78 ends in Tishomingo, so Route 22 would follow west as itself alone to Ravia, where the current SH 22 reaches its western terminus. From Ravia, a modern full Route 22 would follow concurrent with modern SH 1 north toward Mill Creek, with modern SH 7 joining the concurrence after a few miles. At the Marshall County line, Route 22 would follow SH 7 as they turn west to travel through Sulphur and eventually to Davis, where Route 22 reaches its western terminus.

The original path of Route 22 is still entirely served by state highways, with no US routes present, which is unusual for the original state highways. Over time, the various renumberings of the system have completely removed this as a single numbered route, but it is still useful for its original purpose as a shortcut for those in the know. As was noted above, SH 22 is still in this area and follows part of its original path, but that number has been mostly repurposed from the original intention. Still, it is of note that at least part of the route retains its original number, which adds some historic interest to this highway. Thanks for reading.

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