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Route Description from 1925 State Highway Map:
Beginning at Enid in Garfield County, via Lahoma, Ringwood, Fairview, Seiling, Cestos, Vici, Arnett, and west to the Texas state line toward Amarillo, Texas.

Oklahoma Route 13 as designated in the 1925 state highway system was the first of the tertiary highways that filled in the network begun by the twelve major crossing routes of the state. It provided a direct route across the northwest corner of Oklahoma, forming the Oklahoma portion of a direct route from Enid to Amarillo. Below is an approximation of original Route 13 if it existed today using modern highways.

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If Route 13 existed today, it would begin in the heart of Enid, traveling with US 60 west out of town toward Lahoma. At Ringwood, Route 13 would turn away from US 60 and join instead with modern SH 58 to cross the Cimarron River and continue to Fairview. At that point, Route 13 would again join with US 60 for the journey further west.

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Route 13 would continue along with US 60 toward Chester, where US 281 would briefly join the road before leaving again at Seiling. At that point, SH 51 would join Route 13 and US 60 as they travel west toward Vici.

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Route 13 would remain concurrent with US 60 and SH 51 as they travel west through Arnett and toward the Texas state line, at which point Route 13 would reach its western terminus.

As can be plainly seen, the coming of the US highway system led to the demise of original Route 13, but it was not actually US 60 that ended its existence. The US route that first overlaid Route 13 was in fact US 164, designated in 1928. US 164 lasted just long enough to strike Route 13 from the map in 1930 before being replaced itself when US 60 was extended through the area in 1931. Thanks for reading.

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