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Routes 7 through 12 in the 1925 Oklahoma State Highway numbering system are clearly major routes, but also clearly subordinate to Routes 1 through 6. Unlike the first six routes, the highways in this second set do not fit into a geographic grid system of any type, but they are nonetheless all either full crossings of the state or very nearly full crossings. In effect, Routes 7 through 12 appear to "fill in the gaps" somewhat and create major trunk crossing routes for more areas of the state, serving as easy connection points for the network of third level highways that filled in the map to allow people to travel efficiently to their destinations. Like the other major routes in the original system, the numbering for the majority of the second six routes was rendered effectively obsolete with the coming of the US Highway numbering system in 1927, but there are still substantial portions of a few that were not preempted and have remained their original number to this day. Again, this allows us to explore how the priorities of the Oklahoma highway system have evolved over the last eight decades.

OK 7 Shield Route 7 - The great diagonal

OK 8 Shield Route 8 - The western crossing

OK 9 Shield Route 9 - The complementary beltline

OK 10 Shield Route 10 - The eastern crossing

OK 11 Shield Route 11 - The northwest passage

OK 12 Shield Route 12 - The spoke of the wheel

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