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The last grouping of highways in the original numbered Oklahoma Highway System filled in the map, branching from the full crossing routes to serve the rest of the state. They ranged in length from almost crossing the state to less than 30 miles between terminii; as with their larger brethren, many portions of these original routes have been overlaid with federal highways over time. However, there are also a few places where these highways have retained their original number since 1925. Several of these routes have been expanded or renumbered since their birth, but still exist as state highways connecting the original communities they were created to serve. These roads represent the beginning of the state highway distribution network we have today; the number of highways may have grown substantially in 8 decades, but what we know today as state highways began with these 18 routes.

OK 13 Shield Route 13

OK 14 Shield Route 14

OK 15 Shield Route 15

OK 16 Shield Route 16

OK 17 Shield Route 17

OK 18 Shield Route 18

OK 19 Shield Route 19

OK 20 Shield Route 20

OK 21 Shield Route 21

OK 22 Shield Route 22

OK 23 Shield Route 23

OK 24 Shield Route 24

OK 25 Shield Route 25

OK 26 Shield Route 26

OK 27 Shield Route 27

OK 28 Shield Route 28

OK 29 Shield Route 29

OK 31 Shield Route 31

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