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OK 1 Shield
Oklahoma Bridges - The mothership, from which this site branched. Go here for the most complete coverage of Oklahoma's historic bridges anywhere on the Internet.

OK 18 Shield
OKHighways - Eric Stuve's website, which offers information and photographs documenting the current Oklahoma highway system. Here you will find information on what the early highways discussed on our website eventually evolved into.

OK 20 Shield
Roadklahoma - Martin McMahon's highway site, giving more information, photographs, and commentary on the modern Oklahoma highway system. Mr. McMahon also has some interesting sidebars that are well worth a read if only to see what points you agree or disagree with.

US 81 Shield
U.S. Highways - Robert V. Droz's huge website with the most exhaustive information on the US Highway system to be found on the Web. If you are curious about a US Route, this is the place to start your research. Highly recommended.

US 77 Shield
Oklahoma Department of Transportation - ODOT's website, which can be difficult to navigate, but publishes THE definitive information on where exactly modern highways are and will be in the future. Also contains a respectable section on US Route 66 and the invaluable State Highway Map Archive.

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