OK 12 Shield Detailed Historic Route Segments OK 12 Shield

The following pages will each focus on a section of a particular highway between two major control points. Each page will feature descriptions and maps with a through route highlighted that will allow a traveler to use as much of the old highway alignment as possible. The maps will sometimes also show old sections of highway that are no longer driveable, no longer exist, or simply do not fit into a through route. Various points of interest may also be shown on the map, such as ghost towns, bridges, or anything unique we find of interest. In general, turn-by-turn directions will not be given; we feel that using the maps provided and any number of mapping resources (map websites, paper atlases) one can easily generate directions for oneself. Rather, we will give general descriptions of the route in question, history of realignments or the highway itself, points of interest, or the construction/condition of the road.

Some of the routes described here have been field verified, while some have as yet only been researched and are pending field checks. The status will be noted on the pages as appropriate. The main resource for our research has been the State Highway Map archive available at the Oklahoma DOT website. We highly recommend perusing the archive for oneself, as the maps give a fascinating picture of the evolution of the highway system in our state. Our focus at the Historic Infrastructure Group is the era starting in 1925 and ending in 1939, what we consider the golden age of highway construction in Oklahoma. If any visitor has further insight or questions about the alignments presented here, please contact us using the contact link on the main page. Thanks for visiting!

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New!!: SH 29 Lawton to Ardmore; US 64 Ft Smith AR to Muskogee

Next Up: US 69 Muskogee to McAlester; US 64 Muskogee to Tulsa; US 60 Tonkawa to Bartlesville; SH 99 Seminole to Ada

US Highways

US 62 Shield US Route 62 - Lawton to Altus

US 64 Shield US Route 64 - Ft Smith, AR to Muskogee

US 66 Shield US Route 66 - Overview

US 70 Shield US Route 70 - Durant to Hugo

US 75 Shield US Route 75 - Tulsa to Caney, KS

US 77 Shield US Route 77 - Arkansas City, KS to Perry

US 77 Shield US Route 77 - Perry to Edmond

US 77 Shield US Route 77 - Oklahoma City Area

State Highways

OK 3 Shield State Route 3 - Ada to Coalgate

OK 18 Shield State Route 18 - Shawnee to Asher

OK 29 Shield State Route 29 - Lawton to Ardmore

OK 51 Shield State Route 51 - Tulsa to Stillwater

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US Highway Shields created with Shields Up!; State Highway Shields created by Ken Parker of Oklahoma Bridge & Highways Group.